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Technologie –Media –Telecom Voorspellingen 2009

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Deloitte heeft haar TMT rapport voor 2009 gepresenteerd. Hieronder tref je een aantal linkjes aan naar de site van Deloitte.

Technology Predictions

Technology Predictions
2009’s Predictions address how to make every electron count; free gadgets; the rise of the netbook; Moore’s Law and risk; how to make your company green and lean; downsizing the digital attic; generic as the ‘it” brand; the digital ambulance chaser supercharged; the rise of social networking sites; and sinners becoming saints. Read a full summary of the report.

Media Predictions

Media Predictions
Our Predictions cover the state of print and television; theater’s major draw: 3D; the rising cost of free online content; the dawn of WiFi radio; mobile advertising’s meaning; markets getting anti-social with social networks; reinventing mobile television; and the rise of brand-threatening malverts. Read a full summary of the report.

Telecommunications Predictions

Telecommunications Predictions
The report highlights smart phones for the downturn; data ascending from the basement to the boardroom; digital communication losing its message; the joys of disintermediation; integration unleashing mobile phone convergency; wireless replacing the mobile phone; the mobile broadband accident; mobile television losing its reception; fiber networks chaning the shape of competition; and mobile termination rates in Europe. Read a full summary of the report.


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