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De revolutie van kennis – Enterprise 2.0

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Via een duitse site leuke toelichting over 2.0 tools in de enterprise.


Part 1: The Wikipedia-Myth

In the past most knowledge management projects failed. Some even say that knowledge management is dead. But the success of social software raises hopes to revive the topic and bring it back on the companies’ agenda. But new tools are often deployed with old concepts – a strategy that will inescapably fail

Part 2: People at the Center

The „new“ KM focuses mainly on people. It is no longer about reading the best documents, but more about finding the right contact person. Social software enables the creation of a new kind of transparent networks. Using its effects in daily work helps Lisa and Brad to find and work together.

Part 3: Getting Started

The successful implementation of Enterprise 2.0 requires the right cultural, technological and organizational conditions. This is where Web 2.0 ends and Enterprise 2.0 takes the spotlight: The right conditions have to be created actively

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