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New world of work

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As the workplace becomes increasingly demanding, diverse and dispersed globally, the leader at the top will have to throw away the textbooks, un-learn the leadership styles of the ‘command and control’ era and embrace a radical, new world approach to leadership – ‘co-ordinate and cultivate’ today’s new workforce.

Organisations are suddenly faced with a collision in the workplace: The Veterans, who, although rapidly diminishing in numbers are the epicentre of tradition, knowledge and experience; the Baby Boomers and Gen X who have lived through decades of overindulgence and luxury; then enter Generation Y, the child of the ‘baby boomer’ parent. Growing up in the most dynamic economy in the twentieth century they have been brought up to believe they can change the world. Optimistic, upbeat and filled with a sense of empowerment — they are the new kids on the block and think they can achieve anything…or so their parents told them, taught they can do anything and don’t settle for mediocrity

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